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Who am I ?

I am a Maltese urban anthropologist with an interest in the built environment, housing and gender equality. 

During my childhood years I lived on a housing estate in San Ġwann t’Għuxa, Bormla. I attended Bormla local primary state school and later went to Maria Reġina Junior Lyceum for Girls in Blata l-Bajda. My family eventually moved to San Ġwann. I continued with my studies at Ġan Franġisk Abela Sixth Form and the University of Malta.

Who Am I ?
Who Am I ?

In 2008, I relocated to the UK to further my studies. I obtained my doctorate in Social Anthropology from the Open University in 2013 and by 2015 I had completed my post-doctorate at the University of Manchester and eventually lectured in Social Anthropology at the  University of Kent, UK. In these 10 years I had the opportunity to apply my scholarly work where at the University of Manchester, I closely worked with Housing Local Authorities and later on with the NGO, Porchlight (Kent) which offers services to youth homeless individuals. In 2018, I returned to Malta and started my appointment as a Housing, Development and Strategy Consultant within the Ministry for Social Accommodation.  I am also a Visiting Lecturer within the Faculty of the Built Environment, University of Malta.

Besides being passionate about social justice which are the core of all of my policies, I also like to spend time with people through voluntary work. In the UK, I volunteered for Opening Doors London which is a not-for-profit organisation that offers its services to the older (50+) LGBTIQ community. Considering my passion for the natural environment, while living in Kent I volunteered for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) Charity where I worked in forestry management. 

Meanwhile, I have been busy volunteering with the parish churches of Isla and Bormla and I have also co-organised various community gatherings namely, Breakfast of the Bridge in Marsa, Ħamrun and Msida.



Who Am I ?

“immersion in the community”

In my role as an applied anthropologist, besides that of a lecturer at the University of Malta, I seek to facilitate safe spaces along with colleagues interested in community-building. Just like good infrastructure and housing, food can be an enabler for dialogue, interaction and cohesion. The above video is from Breakfast on a Bridge which was held on a bridge between Marsa and Ħamrun in 2018. Both are inner harbour towns at the outskirts of Valletta and have experienced fast social transformations. The food activity emerged from the legacy of the Valletta 2018 Research Team where food walks were held in Ħamrun and Marsa in order to understand gentrification and conviviality better. 

As an urban anthropologist my contribution is towards the development of infrastructure that fosters a space for all. To me, urban and planning systems should put people at the centre. My aim is to also open up questions about the importance of our quality of life and wellbeing and its intrinsic value to everyday life. 

Issues of social injustice concern me deeply, hence I seek every opportunity to create awareness – whether at an individual, social or academic level. I believe that change is possible through small steps. As a scholar and public figure, I have an obligation and duty to pass on knowledge. Considering that my profession is about understanding cultural behaviour by talking and listening to people, my goal is to develop and implement policies that are about the real needs, wants and desires of different groups of people. 

My aim is to enable more accessible ways in how to reach the wider public and to understand the realities and issues that matter to each and every person. Every person matters.